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Ear Candling

What is Ear Candling?

Ear candling (sometimes referred to as as thermal auricular therapy, and also Hopi ear candling), is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries in many cultures throughout the world. The ear candles are actually hollow tubes made from unbleached cotton and hardened with beeswax. The certified Biosun candles I use also contain the herbs sage, St Johns Wort and camomile to aid in the relaxing experience of this popular therapy. When applied by a trained therapist, this is a very safe and therapeutic treatment.

You will lie comfortably on your side on a massage table and an ear candle will be lit and gently inserted into the opening of the ear. During treatment you may experience gentle heat around the ear area. You may also hear popping sounds and a pleasant crackling as the ingredients are burning.

Suction action and movement of the flame create a vibration of air in the ear canal giving a massage like effect on the eardrum which can help soften compacted ear wax. Once treatment is completed, it will be repeated on the other ear. After both ears have been treated, a light facial massage is given. Both ears will be treated in your session.
What are the benefits?

Ear candling has been used by many cultures for both spiritual and medicinal purposes, but the treatment today is aimed more specifically at providing soothing effects for people with conditions associated with the ear, nose, and throat areas such as compacted ear wax, glue ear, ringing in the ears, rhinitis, sinusitis, hay fever, catarrh, migraine, headaches, and rebalancing after flights or swimming etc. You will also benefit from the relaxing and balancing effects of the treatment.

What my clients say about ear candling!

"I've been having ear candling sessions with Sarah and have to say the whole experience has been very rewarding. Not only has it helped with my problem but it is the most wonderfully relaxing therapy I have ever had. Everyone should try this. The actual ear candling is very relaxing and then Sarah follows this with a very gentle face massage. At the end of the session you feel as it you are floating on a cloud and in my case I just wanted the feeling to carry on. "

Jan Byatt. Northam (May 2013)

Who can benefit?

Ear candling is suitable for men, women and children of all ages. It is a safe and enjoyable therapy, but there are  some medical conditions where it may not be advisable to carry out treatment, which is why a full consultation is carried out before commencing. Ear candles should not be used if you have grommets in the ear, if you have inflammation or infection present in the ears, if you have perforated ear drums, if you have had recent ear surgery, or if you have an allergic reaction at all. If you are under medical supervision for any ear related conditions, then you should seek approval from your doctor or consultant first.

How much does a session cost?

40 mins. (includes facial massage and facial acupressure) - 25

Sarah offers Ear Candling sessions from her tranquil treatment room in Northam, near Bideford, in North Devon

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